Week o September 10-17 2005

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Craig Khuel and his group of 8
I believe that every one in the group caught at least one walleye over 28 inches.
Biggest pike 44 inches

Anthony , Ken and Jason from Southern Ontario.
Lots of 5lb walleye one 42 inch pike.

Sunday was warm and gentle winds. Coots and Jerry caught a 27 and 28
I took the family fishing. Debra had a 44 inch pike grab her walleye.

Monday was clear and warm.
Had a major thunderstorm Monday night.

Tuesday was clear and cool
The guys were catching fish but it was a very light bite.
Anthony , Ken and caught a bunch of 5lb walleye on the lee side of the Virgin Island

Wednesday was clear with a moderate West wind.
It seems like everyone caught lots of fish.

Coots , Dan and Jerry caught about 30 walleye from 22 28 inches on Rock pile one.
Greg caught a 44 inch pike on the windward side of Virgin Island.
Craigs boat caught a "bunch" of 25-28 inche walleye.

Anthony caught a 42 inch pike in North Bay on a spinnerbait. Jason and Ken caught several big walleye.

Thursday was cold, rainy with a strong east wind.
Anthony had a 46 inch pike grab his walleye but didn't land it.

Here are a few of the many pics I will post more later.

Anthony with his first Giant Pike


Week of September 3 to 10

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This was the weekend of the
First Annual Anglers Kingdom
fishing derby

The weather was perfect all weekend.
Rick Cairns his wife Joanie, sons Jerimiah and mother were visiting from Pennsylvinia.
Debra, Seanna, Hayden and Baba (Grandma Dorothy) and Gigi (Grandpa Gary) were also up for the event.

Of course the loon and both eagles put on a beautiful performance.

Seanna is quite likely the only 5 year old in the world who has fed a loon.

The fish cooperated.
Everyone was excited when a big pike grabbed a walleye on Seannas line. She tried to land it on her snoopy rod but the pike let go before dad could hand land it.

Baba ( Grandma) caught the first Walleye and the largest 6lbs and the most. Everybody caught lots of fish and had a great group shorelunch.

Tuesday arrived and the wind was out of the west with a vengeance it was too rough to fish many spots but luckily Nungesser has plenty of places to fish out of the wind.

August 27-03

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The weather was normal. We had some rain, some sun, some wind. Temps were comfortable.

I fished with John Walter, Steve and Dave from the Minneapolis area. We had no problem catching plenty of walleye. John had a very large pike grab his walleye the first day. The pike were slow. Those caught hit rapalas of various sizes and colors.

The Eagles and loons are becoming more like family everyday.

Luca and five friends from Italy came half way accross the world to sample some Nungesser lakes pike fishing.
I wish the big girls had been more cooperative. However they did manage to get at least one over 43 inches each day. The largest was 46 inches. I'll post some pics when I get them from Luca.They were all very nice people. Luca hopes to return next year for some spring pike fishing.

August 20-27

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BJ Outdoors were here taping a TV show. It will be airing on Fox Sports in January and February on Saturdays.
Bj caught a nice 28 1/2 inche walleye the first morning.
I didn't get a picture of it you'll have to watch the show. Each day the loon put on a show for the camera by approaching within a few feet of my hand to take small walleye.

The two eagles seemed to be competing for camera time. They took turns grabbing fish off the water just a few yards from the boat.

Of course the pike didn't want to be left out and they were grabbing walleye on our line.

Tim managed to catch this summers unofficial largest Burbout ( Eelpout, Ling, Lawyer etc.)

BJ and Tim even surprised me by getting a double on Rock Bass.
Craig caught a very nice Pike

And of yours truly couldn't let the opportunity pass without at least one big pike. This 46 incher seemed to fit the bill.

All of the guests accompanying BJ had a great time and we enjoyed having them visit.
They've made plans to return next year in mid May.
In fact most of our guests have mad plans to return next summer.




















August 13-20

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I fished with Dennis Kelner from Orient Ohio. The Vinci four were in camp as were the fine folks from Adventures in the Wild.

The weather was "normal" meaning the usual variety of sun, rain, wind etc.

Walleye fishing was very good. Mostly on the mid lake humps in about 14-22 feet of water. Big pike were slower, it seemed that the big girls were either on the mid lake humps or scattered around points etc. Several big pike attacked walleye as people were landing them. Only a few held on long enough to get a good look at them.

Didn't get a lot of photos.





August 6-14

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Hey the weather has been stable for a week now.
And the fish have responded.
I fished with Steve, Vesta and Jake Whipple the past two days. Very nice folks from Nebraska.
We caught 220 some walleye on Sunday (temps in 80s wind light actually dead calm for 4 hours in afternoon).Among the multitude were two big walleye.

Monday was sunny temps mid 70s with a strong northwest wind and we caught even more walleye. Along the way we had 5 pike grab our walleye as we brought them in.

Biggest pike landed was 39.

The loon is getting more comfortable with me. It is now coming within 2 feet of taking the fish from my hand.

My friendly eagle with the missing wing feather came by for a few Walleye.

Doesn't seem like the big pike are in the cabbage in any serious numbers. caught a lot of 30s most of the big pike were on the mid lake humps. Caught another big walleye on a Suick. That's about 6 walleye on Suicks so far this year.

Just thought you would like to see the boats our guests enjoy. My philosophy is that guests spend most of their vacation in the boat, they deserve to be safe and comfortable. We also bought very high quality, comfortable mattresses because guest spend the second most time sleeping and deserve to be comfortable.

I fished Tuesday and Wednesday with Ray Kethlidge and Bill Grier and Kevin ___?
Biggest was 46 inches had a number of 36- 38.
the Pike don't seem to be in the cabbage as much as they should. It likely has something to do with the early iceout, 43 days of rain in May and June and the resulting high water. It has disrupted the food chain in the shallows and the pike have had to seek out walleye in deeper water and whitefish in open water. I am assuming they will move back into the weeds more later in August.
Spinner baits, Suicks and silver minnows caught quite a few 30s. We had our best luck using large white rubber paddle tail jigs on the mid lake humps. Mostly along the edges and around the base of the humps. We caught several 30 something pike with whitefish hanging out of their mouths. We also caught some large walleye on the paddle tails.

July 16 to 23

Pete leonovitz and family and friends were visiting.
As were Mark Handlos and friends.

nice eye


July 9 - 16

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Hot Hot Hot. Wow Summer really arrived.
I fished with Jack and Nate Tilka who were up for their second trip of the year. Fishing was definitely slow but we did manage to catch a 9 lb walleye and several big pike the largest was 45 inches.


July 02 - 09

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The Weather cleared up but the mayfly hatch slowed down the pike a bit. But the weather was nice other than a few thunder showers.

Arby Linder, Ken, Rich and Mitchell from Spring Valley Wisconsin managed to catch several walleye over 28 inches and a few big pike. They had 4 or 5 pike grab walleye on their lines.

June 18 to 25

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June 25 - July 2

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Hey the weather finally started to improve.
It only rained 4 of 7 days.
Bruce Nash with a nice pike caught on a jig.

I fished with Bruce and Laura Nash.
Some of the Walleye and a few big Pike started showing up on the mid lake humps. The cabbage almost reached the surface. If the water wasn't so high the cabbage would definitely be at the surface.

I'll try to post more details when I have more time.
Here's some photos

Laura Nash with her largest walleye ever

pics of the camp

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I thought some might like to see some pics of what the camp looks right now.

July 30 to August 6

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Sorry haven't had time to update this in a while.
First I have to say that the weather finally changed
It got very warm for a few day around the beginning of July. Then again this week. The rainy season seems to be over. The water levels seem to be dropping.

I wanted to show you some awesome pics we took of a loon that likes to come over for free walleye.
He will come within 4 feet of me and gets very excited when I hold up a fish for him.

I fished with Bob and Kay Polski who were up for their second trip of the season. Bob didn't bring the leeches but we still caught over 122 and 188 walleye Wed and Fri. Thursday was too windy and miserable to fish the humps and we spent a few hours casting but there were not a lot of pike in the weeds. We did have a huge pike come up after a 29 inch pike that Bob had on the line. Over the week we had several pike grab walleye on the line. One day we fed the loon, eagle, seagull and pike.

Bob Polski with a nice walleye

Bob Polski with another nice walleye

Caribou travel to the island in spring before the ice goes out. They have their calves on the island for safety. We have seen Caribou around the camp several dozen times this summer. They are generally not very shy.

This pike grabbed Bobs walleye by the boat turned it in it's mouth to head first and swallowed it in two gulps within about 5 seconds. I've seen hundreds of pike grab fish both on the line and not. I've never seen a pike swallow a walleye so quickly. It was awesome. We had another pike in the 46-48 inch range come right out of the water beside the boat to grab a walleye. We could almost hear the bones crunch it had such a tight grip.

Yours truly enjoyed catching a few big walleye as well.


Week of June 4 - 11, 2005

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I fished will Jack Tilka , his son Nathan, and firends Craig and Brian. It was over cast and raining with an east wind all week. The guys wanted to cast the bays but it was obvious that the river mouths would be the best bet. We managed to get some decent pike on artificials including a couple of 43 inchers on Jigs. However Dead bait was the best method. Finally on Friday the weather cleared. It wasn't in time for the pike to move into the bays and start hitting suicks etc. But the rising barometer put them on the prowl and the guys caught a bunch of 40 plus fish in the river mouths.

The Window Man witha beautifully proportioned Pike

Craig with his largest walleye ever


The week of June 11 - 18, 2005

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The weather continued to be lousy.
The wind has been out of the East almost everyday for over a month. Rainy and cold. The water has risen over a foot in the past month.
I was guiding Don Nemer, and his son Jordan from Minneapolis and Dons partner in their law firm Stan Nathanson and his two sons Bryan and Joel.
Saturday morning we fished a nearby narrows and had some fun as everyone caught the largest walleye of their lives. Joels was 27, Brians 27 1/2 Jordans 25, Dons was 26 1/2.


Don Nemer with his Biggest walleye ever - for now!

Joel Nathanson with a good size Walleye

The Afternoon was actually sunny for a while. The guys naturally wanted to pound the bays for Pike with Suicks, spinners etc. I knew our efforts would be better served fishing the mouth of the river.
Sunday was rainy as usual. We fished the mouth of the river and everyone caught the largest pike of their lives. Joel Nathanson caught a 43 and 45 inch pike.

Joel with his largest pike ever
Koel Nathanson with his biggest ever. A true trophy in any anglers standards.
joel with his second fish of a lifetime in the same day.
On Monday it was raining again, Jordan caught his largest ever a nice fat 40 incher.

Jordan Nemer with his largest Pike ever.

Bryan caught 20 pike over 30 inches but couldn't break 40.
Bryan Nathanson with the largest pike of his life.
Bryan Nathanson with a nice pike


On Tuesday evening Don caught his largest Walleye ever a beautiful 28 incher.

Ryan Paul and Jane also caught a 44, and 46 inch pike

I'll post more details as soon as I can.
meanwhile here are some of the pics.

Hayden Geary -2 years old. Hayden caught a dozen walleye by himself in an hour.


The week of May 28 to June 4, 2005

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This was my first week guiding on the lake. The weather and rain which had raised the water over a foot tetogether with a large mayfly hatch were conspiring to make it a difficult week.

Below is a photo of Bob Polskie with a giant pike caught in the Mouth of the Nungesser River. It was caught on a jig.

Earlier Bob had a fish on which he said was very big. After a minute or so a little 29 incer pike surfaced. I was about to say that Bobs ability to estimate the size of fish on his line was sorely lacking when I noticed that that 29 incher was almost cut in two by an obviously very very large pike. I was just going to say so when a huge pike well over 50 inches came completely out of the water as it tried to grab that 29 inch pike again. It missed but I got an excellent view as it happened about 6 feet from the boat.
As all this was happening I was fighting a 46 inch pike so my ability to estimate the size of Bobs was enhanced.

Not too long after releasing my fish Bob had an obviously very large pike grab his jig on his walleye rog. The fish simply started swimming down river at a good clip. I imediately reeled in , pulled up the anchor and started the motor. Before I had gone 20 feet Bob ran out of line and you know that was the end of it. If I could have moved a bit quicker we may have had a picture of a fish of the size that only a select few have been fortunate enough to catch. I would have really liked to get a picture of her. Oh well.
All in all the fishing was slow, the weather was lousy. The wind has been out of the east for 3 weeks straight. We did manage to cathc about a thousand fish but Bob and Kay are willing to come back up in the beginning of August to give me a chance to redeem myself.

Bob with aother Piek caught on a jig.

Here is a photo of the dock and boats in the am.
Docks and Boats sunny morning.




Here is a photo of Seanna and Hayden with some nice Walleye. Seanna caught two all by herself and Hayden thinks he caught two all by himself.
These were caught 1.2 mile from camp. Last weekend Seanna and Hayden were catching walleye off the dock.

Kevin with beauty well over 30lbs.

Henry Davidov and his group found some big pike willing to hit on artificials.


ice out

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This is the start of 2005

The ice went out April 18.
That is the earliest in probably the last 50 years
Fishing is going to be very different this year.
Many people will have poor fishing because the fish will not be where they were in years past.