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Personal, Knowledgeable, Professional Service

Anglerís Kingdom is first and foremost a fishing camp. I am somewhat unique among camp owners in that I guide almost everyday. I will be guiding extensively and will readily share my experience with all of our guests.

When I offer guests advice it is based on first hand knowledge not what Iíve heard. Over the past 35 years guiding over 90% of my guests have caught the largest pike of their lives. After boating more than 3,000 trophy pike I do have a bit to offer. Of course pike are my favorite but I can help find some walleye as well.

Come up and fish with me. We will catch big fish.

Our staff are always cheerful and willing to help. Whether it is the cleaning staff who keep you cabin spotless or the dock staff who gas and maintain your boats early every morning. Our cook always has the morning coffee on and would be delighted to share some fresh pastry with you.  If you need anything or if you have any problems just talk with Kevin or Debra.

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